DAEGU, South Korea -- The 19th Expeditionary Support Command softball team's 2011 season took off in full swing May 2 against the Scoundrels at Camp Walker, building unit camaraderie amongst the ranks outside of the work place.
As Team 19 said goodbye to many talented players, they said hello to many new players, according to Rico Bynum, 19th ESC Support Operations Ammunition specialist, who played with the 19th ESC softball team last season.
"This is my first time playing here in Korea," said John Moore, 19th ESC SPO Petroleum officer.
"Any time you can build a relationship out of work, as well as at work, it makes Soldiers feel more comfortable working with you, especially when you show them that same respect out of uniform," Moore said.
In order to prepare for the season, Team 19 players worked together to establish a strategic battle rhythm on the field.
"I've been playing softball for about 10 to 15 years," Moore said. "Every team has adjustments, but having played and coached, it's relatively easy. You just figure out what they want you to do and you execute."
For some players stationed in Korea, the ball game is about more than building a good relationship with their co-workers.
"Being on the field frees me and clears my mind of my day-to-day obligations," Bynum said.
Through teamwork, practice and dedication, the team won the preseason tournament and thus far remains undefeated in the first round of the season, looking forward to the championship game.
"With the amount of talent that we actually have, if we continue to play error free, we will be very successful this year," Moore said.
Team members plan on using their rejuvenated players and determined work ethic to improve from last season's final standings.
"I look forward to playing in the 8th Army championship game and hopefully against Camp Casey, because we lost in a blowout game, 6-1, last year," Bynum said.
Team 19's next game is May 16 against the 188th Military Police Company.
The Camp Walker Daegu playoffs are July 11-14. The U.S. Army Garrison-Daegu playoff championships are July 20-21, declaring the Area IV softball champions.