KANDAHAR, AFGHANISTAN- It is a historic occasion attended by many service members; Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, Airmen, civilians and coalition partners all gather together in a small tent to the sound of pouring rain to bid farewell to one unit and welcome another.

The 7th Sustainment Brigade assumed control of the sustainment mission in Afghanistan during a Transfer of Authority ceremony with the 43rd Sus. Bde. at Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan, Feb. 28.
The 'Rough Rider' brigade assumed control of the sustainment mission in Afghanistan March 22, 2010 establishing themselves as the first sustainment brigade to control logistical operations in southern Afghanistan. The six battalions controlled by the brigade would be designated Task Force Rough Rider and consisted of Soldiers, Airmen, Marines and Sailors.

"During their tenure the 43rd Sus. Bde. was responsible for driving nearly 12 million miles in convoys across the country of Afghanistan, dropping over 24 million pounds of supplies, moving over 2,400 pallets and shipping 15.5 million pounds of mail. They also partnered with eight Afghan National Security Force units and providing $1.9 million in Commander's Emergency Response Progam funds to the surrounding communities of the Kandahar Province," said Col. Ed Daly, commander of the 43rd Sus. Bde.

"These Soldiers have been committed to excellence every single day," said Daly. They are warrior logisticians who live the Soldier's Creed in the harshest deployed operational environment."

As the 43rd Sus. Bde. redeploys to Ft. Carson, Colo., the 7th Sus. Bde.'s 'Resolute Warriors' assume the logistics mission. The newly designated Task Force Resolute will consist of four battalions and 3,000 Soldiers comprised from the active Army, National Guard and Army Reserve.

"To the U.S., Coalition, and Afghan National Security Forces, the 7th will give nothing less than 110 percent," remarked Col. Lawrence Kominiak, 7th Sustainment Brigade commander.