YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea - During the Columbus Day weekend, a large number of community members gathered to watch a parade here Oct. 9.

During the fall festival parade, the sidewalks were packed as the Eighth Army Band played and families and students represented various organizations, such as sports teams and the Cub Scouts.

Inside the Collier Field House Gym, the Red Cross provided emergency kits to families.

"We are supplying emergency kits to families that can help them maintain their life up to 72 hours. We purchased all of the items for today," said a Red Cross official.

Thirty different organizations, from a chiropractic shop in Itaewon to Pacific Stars and Stripes, had booths in the parking lot at Collier Field House.

During the festival, children enjoyed carnival games and bungee runs.

The event wrapped up with a concert featuring several popular Korean bands and a fireworks show.