CAMP BUEHRING, Kuwait -With their new mission of Operation New Dawn underway, Soldiers assigned to the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, have a few more items to finalize to ensure they are mission ready.

Soldiers of 2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment, staged vehicles, inventoried containers and prepared for the brigade's equipment movement north from the southern port at Kuwait City, Kuwait, to Iraq, Sept. 18.

"The key to any successful operation is good leaders and disciplined Soldiers, so we chose a unit out of 2-12 Cav., knowing they'll get it done right," said Col. Brian Winski, brigade commander.

With their new advise and assist mission, it is crucial for Soldiers to have their equipment in Iraq on time.

"Everything that we shipped is absolutely critical equipment," said Winski, a Milwaukee, Wis., native. "It's critical for maintaining and sustaining our combat platforms."

Soldiers rotated shifts and worked through the night to guarantee their fellow Soldiers would have mission essential equipment ready for Iraq.

"Without the brigade being properly equipped and ready to take on any mission we get, it forces units to have to do a lot more with fewer tools, which leads to individual stress," said 1st Lt. Michael Sexton, a tank platoon leader in A Co., 2-12 Cav. "By pushing our equipment forward, it alleviates those worries," said the Buffalo, N. Y. native.

With the brigade's equipment en route to Iraq, troopers now stand one step closer to beginning their mission of helping the Iraqi nation become self-reliant and providing for their own security.

"It's an important transition that we've been working on since 2003," said Winski. "We're ensuring that all of our efforts in the last seven years finish successfully, defending this nation against external threats."