Fort Drum community members gathered Aug. 18 at the Multipurpose Auditorium as Soldiers became leaders during Warrior Leader Course graduation.
Guest speaker for the ceremony was Command Sgt. Maj. Shelton R. Williamson, 710th Brigade Support Battalion, 3rd Brigade Combat Team.
Williamson congratulated the graduates and reminded them they have taken their first step in the Noncommissioned Officer Education System. He also reminded them that they are the Army's leaders today as well as its future.
"It is indeed an honor and privilege to be your featured speaker for such a wonderful and necessary event," Williamson said. "I am extremely humbled at the opportunity to speak today, and it is my hope that I can provide just a bit of inspiration and motivation to the future leaders of the most feared and audacious Army in the world."
He also reminded the graduates that upon gaining new leadership roles, they also must take on the responsibilities that go along with those roles.
"Taking care of Soldiers means counseling them every month and looking them directly in the eye and letting them know not only their strengths, but more importantly their weaknesses," Williamson said. "It means inspecting your Soldiers' living areas, on or off post. It means providing them with the toughest and most realistic, resourced training possible to prepare them to fight and win decisively in combat.
"Good leadership throughout our Army is the glue that holds our organizations together and makes them strong," he added. "Training, practice and experience builds good leaders. Be proud of who you are as a leader and as a noncommissioned officer, and strive to be the best."
After concluding his remarks, Williamson helped to recognize the graduates.
Spc. Hector J. Burgosadams, 3rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion, was named Distinguished Honor Graduate for earning the highest academic average.
Sgt. Justin S. Mottoshiski, 630th Engineer Company, 7th Engineer Battalion, 10th Sustainment Brigade, earned the John D. Magrath Leadership Award.
Spc. Patrick L. Fraser, 110th Transportation Company, 548th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion, 10th Sustainment Brigade, received the Iron Soldier Award for earning the highest physical training score.
The Commandant's Inspection winner was Spc. Juan S. Salais, 590th Quartermaster Company, 548th CSSB.
Instructor of the cycle was Staff Sgt. Augustine R. O'Dell.
The following Soldiers were named to the Commandant's List: Sgt. Jonathan R. Arthur, 6th Squadron, 6th Cavalry Regiment; Sgt. Leonel Camacho, 710th Brigade Support Battalion; Sgt. Nathan L. Carman, 2nd Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment; Sgt. Justin R. Nehmer, 2nd Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment; Sgt. Beth M. Nunley, 3rd Brigade Special Troops Battalion; Sgt. Randy G. Parker, 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment; Sgt. Andrew R. Phillips, U.S. Army Medical Department Activity; Sgt. Daniel E. Szarek, 642nd Engineer Company, 7th Engineer Battalion; Sgt. Andrew R. Tobin, 2-87 Infantry; and Sgt. Craig A. Young, 3rd BSTB.
Also, Spc. Daniel T. Ames, 277th Aviation Support Battalion; Spc. Edward A. Cortez, 3rd BSTB; Spc. Charles R. Drosten, 1st Battalion, 10th Aviation Regiment, 10th Combat Aviation Brigade; Spc. Scott R. Gordon, 514th Maintenance Company, 548th CSSB; Spc. Jerome Hawkins, Jr., 514th Maintenance Company; Spc. Brenden M. Holbrook, 3rd BSTB; Spc. Derek S. Robinson, 277th ASB; and Spc. Jose E. Rojasdiaz, 3rd General Support Aviation Battalion, 10th CAB.
Other WLC graduates are as follows: Sgt. Ryan T. Broyhill, Sgt. Mousa A. Dassama, Sgt. Charles D. Farley, Sgt. Candice A. Fauntleroy, Sgt. Michael F. Gummel, Sgt. Natasha R. Jackson, Sgt. Sashauna S. Lockley, Sgt. Marco A. Lopez, Sgt. Cameron M. McCafferty, Sgt. Jonathan C. Meagher, Sgt. Alain Moran, Sgt. Christopher R. Navarro, Sgt. Beth M. Niemerg, Sgt. Thomas J. Nowak, Sgt. Nathan R. Popp and Cpl. Piero L. Brooks.
Also, Spc. Joshua J. Abelt, Spc. Tara M. Andes, Spc. Danielle M. Barth, Spc. Matthew C. Black, Spc. Sheryin S. Blake, Spc. Michael S. Brooks, Spc. Jarod D. Brown, Spc. Timothy L. Calafiore, Spc. Thomas T. Campbell, Spc. Joseph A. Champagne, Spc. Justin N. Chapin, Spc. Joseph V. Chartier, Spc. Dewey J. Coles, Spc. Jerome M. Colman, Spc. Eric J. Cop, Spc. Tyler J. Day, Spc. Emili E. De Barros Vieira, Spc. Vaeva A. Faoa, Spc. Balou Faustin, Spc. James Fleming, Spc. Marcos Franco, Spc. Patrick L. Fraser, Spc. Sean M. Frisa, Spc. Edmund R. Grant, Spc. Gerald R. Griffin, Spc. Patrick J. Hankinson, Spc. Seth D. Hays, Spc. Tylen A. Hazard, Spc. Andy F. Hilario, Spc. Marcus M. Johnson, Spc. Martin J. Johnson, Spc. Lee C. Kieler, Spc. Matthew Koehlar, Spc. Aaron D. Kornegay and Spc. Donald J. Kuhlmann.
Also, Spc. Andrea L. Lacey, Spc. Hector Lebron, Spc. Kenneth R. Malick, Spc. Matthew L. Marcotte, Spc. Jonathon P. McElhane, Spc. China A. McGee, Spc. Jesus A. Medina, Spc. Joseph Moua, Spc. Jeremy G. Nicholas, Spc. James C. Olszewski, Spc. Robert M. Parker, Spc. Alexander M. Pate, Spc. Homer Pennington, Spc. Jacob R. Rankin, Spc. Job M. Reigoux, Spc. Elva E. Rodriguez, Spc. Robin N. Rogers, Spc. Juan S. Salais, Spc. Jaden A. Schacht, Spc. Aaron Schumacher, Spc. Ian E. Sechler, Spc. Aaron M. Shoemake, Spc. Nadhaniel B. Sisson, Spc. Daniel P. Smith, Spc. Marshall R. Smith, Spc. Patrick R. Toupin, Spc. Peter K. Turo, Spc. Anthony V. Vitelli, Spc. Christopher J. Welch and Spc. Jason A. Whitaker.