FORT CARSON, Colo. - The Nutritional Care Division of Evans Army Community Hospital conducted an orientation tour of the Fort Carson Commissary to empower Soldiers, Family members and retirees in making healthy choices for their menus Oct. 27. Capt. Kay McKinnie, a registered nutritionist at EACH, said people who wish to enjoy a healthier diet need to examine their current meal plans and decide what works for their lifestyle. McKinnie said that by reading the nutritional labels found on foods, shoppers have a foundation for making healthier choices when planning their meals at the commissary. "It is important to make the distinction between foods we should eat every once in a while with foods that we need to eat every day," said McKinnie. "It is important to make smart choices in our daily consumption of foods, such as choosing skim or two percent milk over whole milk." McKinnie said that while it is important to choose foods low in sodium and sugar, it is equally important to be aware of the calories per serving. "Often foods labeled as low fat or low salt are still very high in calories, which means the consumer needs to be conscious of portion sizes to maintain a healthy diet," said McKinnie McKinnie also said that this is a program the Nutrition Care Division would like to continue on a regular basis, and currently plans to conduct nutritional tours in the commissary once a month. B.J. Scranton, the assistant grocery manager, said that the tour was arranged by EACH Nutritional Care Division to showcase the wide assortment of nutritional foods the commissary offers Soldiers and Families. The commissary staff provided gift packages filled with healthy food alternatives supplied by local area vendors, for participating guests, said Monique Mullins-Ming, store director, Fort Carson Commissary. Individuals or groups interested in participating in nutritional tours at the commissary should contact the EACH Nutritional Care Division at (719) 526-7290.