KUWAIT (Jan. 4, 2009) -- U.S. and Kuwaiti officials met for a ribbon-cutting ceremony Dec. 30 at a large stretch of road built by Kuwaitis to create a safer convoy route for U.S. service members stationed in Kuwait."This is not only a ribbon and a piece of asphalt and stone," said Brig. Gen. Mark MacCarley, deputy commander of the 1st Theater Sustainment Command. "It's a symbol of friendship between the U.S. and Kuwait. This is good business for all to help traffic congestion."Prior to the ceremony, the U.S. and Kuwaiti leaders ate breakfast together and toured a new industrial water treatment facility for Kuwait. U.S. Soldiers also set up a display of military vehicles that will be used on the new road."I showed one guy my [Humvee] and then he showed me his up-armored Mercedes Benz," said Spc. Mark Kerr, from the 110th Transportation Company. "It was pretty cool."MacCarley spoke about the safety factors on a day prior to the ceremony."The problem we have using the civilian roads is these trucks and supporting vehicles are so wide they cause and create a safety hazard for everybody on the road," said MacCarley. So instantly you're seeing the picture and the value of the new road."Retired Kuwaiti Lt. Gen. Mohammed al-Badr corresponded by saying, "We need to help you be safe on the road. This is the main thing the [U.S.] military wants from their friend - the military in Kuwait - and we are doing the best to help you on that side."The new convoy route is made up of a combination of previously unpaved roads on some of the U.S. military's supply route.