FORT BLISS, TEXAS (October 19, 2009) - Brig. Gen. Keith Walker, Director of the Future Force Integration Directorate presents the Blackjacks, the 5th Brigade Combat Team, 1st Armored Division, Special troops battalion, Bravo Company the Sabre award is the Companies third safety streamer for consecutive quarters of being accident and incident free.

These streamers are earned when a unit successfully completes an entire quarter with no mishaps, injuries, or alcohol and drug related incidents. Walker spoke briefly with the soldiers of the Blackjacks about how their commitment to safety is important to the army and the ongoing testing that occurs in the Brigade Combat Team modernization effort. The soldiers of the Blackjacks provide support the Fires Battalion of the Army Evaluation Task Force which tests the BCT Modernization program here on Fort Bliss.

"Their contributions to staying in the fight allow the AETF to operate at maximum efficiency at all times," he said. "Every Soldier's life is important."

For more information, contact Wesley Elliott, FFID Public Affairs Office, at (915) 568-4278.