Cavalry Family Housing wins again

By Ayumi Davis, Fort Cavazos Public AffairsApril 18, 2024

A row of four single family homes, all in different states of construction construction with the wooden structures visible, stand on dirt behind a barbed, metal fence.
1 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Construction continues in the Heritage Heights neighborhood April 15, 2024, at Fort Cavazos, Texas. Once completed, the neighborhood is expected to have more than 580 homes for junior enlisted Soldiers. (Photo Credit: Ayumi Davis, Fort Cavazos Public Affairs) VIEW ORIGINAL
A woman and her black Labrador retriever pose for a photo on a sidewalk in a front of a single family home.
2 / 2 Show Caption + Hide Caption – Sara Coleman, an Army spouse, poses for a photo with her dog, Bobby, in front of her home April 15, 2024, in Heritage Heights at Fort Cavazos, Texas. (Photo Credit: Ayumi Davis, Fort Cavazos Public Affairs) VIEW ORIGINAL

All 11 Cavalry Family Housing neighborhoods have once again won the SatisFacts Community Award for 2023.

Lendlease, the group in charge of military housing for many installations, including Fort Cavazos, was recognized as a National SatisFacts Resident Satisfaction Company Award winner for 2023. More than 91% of the groups entire portfolio has been given the distinction of being 2023 SatisFacts Insite survey score award winners for their high resident satisfaction scores, which includes the Cavalry Family Housing neighborhoods.

The communities have been recognized as a SatisFacts award winner consecutively for more than a decade, said Chris Albus, project director for Cavalry Family Housing.

“I’m proud, of course, once again, of our entire Cavalry Family Housing team for being recognized once again this year, particularly, for their efforts to ensure residents have a positive experience in our communities,” Albus said.

“Our team here at Cavalry Family Housing is continually seeking ways to better the community for our residents, and I think that seems evident through the SatisFacts results,” Albus continued.

In the past year, the Cavalry Family Housing team has invested lots of resources into improving homes in the community, Albus said.

“We’ve done lots of work on the infrastructure, including the roads,” Albus explained. “We’re painting homes. We’re renovating homes. And the cornerstone of all this is building the 580-plus homes over in Heritage Heights for junior enlisted Soldiers. So, that’s having a very positive impact on resident satisfaction.”

The Heritage Heights neighborhood is a project that began in April 2021, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony occurring just last June, welcoming residents into the first built home.

Sara Coleman, an Army spouse and resident of Heritage Heights, said she likes living in the new neighborhood.

“It’s groovy. … It’s really nice to be the first generation in these houses,” she said. “Everybody is familiar with each other just because we’re all from the same old neighborhood. And the houses are really clean. They’re very neat.”

Neighborhoods like Heritage Heights help junior enlisted Soldiers feel appreciated, Coleman said.

“… A lot of the junior enlisted, you send them out into a town, like Killeen, and they’re already hours or states away from family,” she explained. “It’s kind of hard to figure out where to rent. … I’m 19, so this is like our first time ever renting and ever even kind of doing that big kid step in the real world. That’s a lot of the situations for a lot of people who are enlisting right now who are younger or in a lower rank. So, it’s really needed. It helps people understand, ‘You can do this. You can own a home and it not have to be a crappy one.’”

To date, there are 105 homes occupied by junior enlisted Soldiers. Construction on the neighborhood is expected to be completed early 2026, Albus said. These homes are part of the overall $420 million five-year community development plan at Fort Cavazos, announced by Lendlease in 2021.

In addition to improvements, the Cavalry Family Housing team interaction with residents also influences high SatisFacts scores, Albus said.

“… Our day-to-day interaction in leasing, the maintenance staff, conducting work orders or the community management teams, their interaction and really trying to take care of our residents in a very empathetic and caring manner I think has a big role to play in this,” Albus said. “So, that customer experience that the residents have with our people and the way our people treat the residents goes a long way in improving and maintain these SatisFacts scores at a high level.”

Coleman said her experience with the team was a 10 out of 10.

“We had a Sonja Basman as our move-in lady, and she was just, like, Johnny on the spot,” she said. “…The move-in process and family housing, I have zero complains about them. They know how to do their job, you know?”