3rd Infantry Division Conducts Command Post Exercise

By Capt. Charlie EganFebruary 13, 2024

ZAGAN, Poland- Dogface Soldiers of the 3rd Infantry Division practiced hiding in plain sight during a command post exercise on Forward Operating Station (FOS) Zagan, January 29th to February 3rd.

The exercise tested their ability to maintain mission command and command post (CP) establishment capabilities. The exercise, which originated in Bolesławiec, Poland, featured seven total CP “jumps” across the division’s three command posts. When a headquarters needs to move to a different location, a small tactical CP jumps ahead to establish itself and take over the fight while the main CP tears down and moves itself. Once the main CP is reestablished, the tactical CP can return to the main and, if necessary, the rear command post can jump to a new location.

During the exercise, members of the Division headquarters completed a convoy movement to Zagan. The Division Tactical Command Post (DTAC) and Rear Command Post (RCP) also conducted two jumps, the DTAC conducting their movement to Zagan prior to the Main Command Post, and the Rear Command Post (RCP) conducting two jumps on FOS Boles.

“This exercise was meant to stress our command-and-control systems as well as our ability to establish a command post quickly, and our ability to provide logistical support to our headquarters” said Lt. Col. Matt Fontaine, a 3rd Infantry Division spokesperson. “The ability to ‘hide in plain sight’ and establish a command node under austere conditions is one of Major General Norrie’s top priorities.”

Following the exercise’s conclusion, leaders met to discuss lessons learned and began to apply the best practices in preparation for the upcoming Warfighter exercise in March. “This was a great opportunity to get some reps,” said Fontaine. “We anticipate it will pay off come March, as we continue to improve our systems and increase our ability to accomplish our NATO mission here in theater.”

The 3rd Infantry Division’s mission in Europe is to engage in multinational training and exercises across the continent, working alongside NATO Allies and regional security partners to provide combat-credible forces to V Corps, America’s forward deployed corps in Europe.