Army WCAP wrestlers stand out at 2023 U.S. Open

By Staff Sgt. Michael HunnisettMay 4, 2023

Army WCAP wrestlers stand out at 2023 U.S. Open
Pvt. Justus Scott, a Greco-Roman wrestler assigned to the U.S. Army World Class Athlete Program, celebrates after winning his final match at the U.S. Open and taking his first National Title, (U.S. Army Photo by Maj. Nathaniel Garcia) (Photo Credit: Maj. Nathaniel Garcia) VIEW ORIGINAL

LAS VEGAS – The U.S. Army WCAP wrestling team had a stellar showing at the 2023 U.S. Open on April 26-30.

The men’s Greco-Roman team won four gold medals and three silver medals, while the women’s Freestyle team earned three bronze medals.

The men also won the Greco-Roman team championship. Additionally, Sgt. 1st Class Spenser Mango was named the USA Wrestling Greco-Roman Coach of the Year, and Sgt. 1st Class Max Nowry was named the Greco-Roman Wrestler of the Year. The women's Freestyle Wrestling team placed second in the team championship.

Men’s Greco-Roman

Spc. Dalton Duffield earned a silver at 55 kg after losing by a 9-0 technical fall to Brady Koontz of Titan Mercury Wrestling Club.

At 60kg, Spc. Dalton Roberts won his second national title after beating WCAP teammate, Sgt. Ildar Hafizov, 8-7. Hafizov earned a silver.

Olympian Spc. Jesse Thielke earned a silver medal at 67 kg after losing by a 8-0 technical fall to Robert Perez III of Sunkist Kids Wrestling Club.

Pvt. Justus Scott won his first national title at 72 kg after beating Patrick Smith of the Minnesota Storm, 6-4.

Junior World champion and four-time national champion Pfc. Kamal Bey won in 33 seconds by a 9-0 technical fall over Poway’s Aliaksandr Kikiniou at 77 kg.

In 82 kg, Spc. Spencer Woods beat Ben Provisor of the New York Athletic Club, 4-3, to earn his first national title.

Women’s Freestyle

After winning the round of 16 and quarterfinals at 55 kg, Sgt. Areana Villaescusa lost in the semifinals. Villaescusa beat Amani Jones, 3-1, in the consolation semifinals and beat Marissa Gallegos, 5-0, to win the bronze.

At 59kg, Spc. Brenda Reyna dominated the round of 16 and quarterfinals before losing to May Nelson by two points in the semifinals. Ryna pinned Pfc. Sarah Savidge in the consolation semifinals, 4-0; and beat Spc. Abigail Nette, 9-7, for the bronze.

In the 62 kg bracket, Spc. Bridgette Duty lost by tech. fall to Adaugo Nwachukwu in the semifinals. Duty beat Zoe Nowicki, 5-4, in the consolation semifinals and beat Ashlynn Ortega, 4-4, by criteria to win the bronze medal.

Greco-Roman Results

55 kg

Quarterfinals: Pvt. William Sullivan dec. Drew West, 6-0

Spc. Dalton Duffield tech. fall Eathon Rider, 8-0

Semifinals: Duffield tech. fall Sullivan, 10-1

Final: Brady Koontz tech. fall Duffield, 9-0

60 kg

Round of 16: Sgt. Ildar Hafizov tech. fall Devon Jackson, 10-0

Spc. Dalton Roberts tech. fall Sam Smith, 9-0

Quarterfinals: Hafizov tech. fall Joseph Couch, 10-0

Roberts dec. Max Black, 5-0

Semifinals: Hafizov dec. Mason Carzino-hartshorn, 7-1

Roberts tech. fall Dylan Koontz, 9-0

Final: Roberts dec. Hafizov, 7-6

63 kg

Round of 16: Sgt. Leslie Fuenffinger tech. fall Ty Lydic, 8-0

Sgt. Xavier Johnson dec. Jeremy Bockert, 14-7

Quarterfinals: Fuenffinger dec. Corbin Nirschl, 6-0

Johnson tech. fall Aidan Nutter, 9-1

Semifinals: Johnson loss by injury forfeit to Sammy Jones

Hayden Tuma dec. Fuenffinger, 1-1

67 kg

Round of 16: Spc. Alejandro Sancho tech. fall Timothy Nevarez, 8-0

Spc. Jesse Thielke tech. fall Gabriel Ojeda, 10-0

Quarterfinals: Joel Adams fall Sancho, 4-3

Thielke fall David Stepanian, 8-3

Semifinals: Thielke tech. fall Alston Nutter, 11-2

Final: Robert Perez III tech. fall Thielke, 8-0

72 kg

Round of 32: Jack Ervien fall Cpt. Michael Hooker, 6-4

Pvt. Justus Scott dec. Nick Tarpley, 11-4

Spc. Britton Holmes tech. fall Michael Orange, 9-0

Round of 16: Scott dec. Nathan Moore, 6-2

Holmes tech. fall We Rachal, 10-0

Quarterfinals: Scott dec. Noah Wachsmuth, 6-5

Holmes tech. fall Richard Fedalen, 9-0

Semifinals: Scott dec. Holmes, 4-1

Final: Scott dec. Patrick Smith, 6-4

77 kg

Round of 16: Pfc. Kamal Bey tech. fall Tyler Eischens, 11-1

Quarterfinal: Bey tech. fall Alec Ortiz, 9-0

Semifinal: Bey tech. fall Burke Paddock, 9-0

Final: Bey tech. fall Aliaksandr Kikiniou, 9-0

82 kg

Round of 16: Spc. Spencer Woods tech. fall Michael Napier, 12-0

Quarterfinal: Woods dec. Fritz Schierl, 6-2

Semifinal: Woods dec. Kendrick Sanders, 7-0

Final: Woods dec. Ben Provisor, 4-3

Women’s Freestyle Results

50 kg

Round of 16: Ava Bayless dec. Spc. Aleeah Gould, 7-6

Consolation 16: Kaili Oshiro forfeit Gould

Consolation 8 #1: Gould tech. fall Esthela Trevino, 10-0

Consolation 8 #2: Gould fall Jasmine Howard, 4-0

Consolation 4: Gould fall Natalie Reyna-rodriguez, 7-0

Consolation Semifinals: Erin Golston tech. fall Gould, 11-1

53 kg

Round of 16: Spc. Estrella Dorado-Marin dec. Josie Bartishofski, 8-3

Quarterfinals: Samara Chavez tech. fall Dorado-Marin, 10-0

Consolation 8 #2: Avery Ashley tech. fall Dorado Marin, 10-0

55 kg

Round of 16: Sgt. Areana Villaescusa tech. fall Paige Chafin, 11-0

Quarterfinals: Villaescusa tech. fall Isabella Ngo, 13-2

Semifinals: Lauren Mason fall Villaescusa, 12-9

Consolation Semifinals: Villaescusa dec. Amani Jones, 3-1

3rd Place Match: Villaescusa dec. Marissa Gallegos, 5-0

59 kg

Round of 16: Spc. Brenda Reyna tech. fall River Todd, 10-0

Quarterfinals: Reyna tech. fall Lexie Basham, 11-0

Semifinals: Maya Nelson dec. Reyna, 7-5

Consolation Semifinals: Reyna fall Sarah Savidge, 4-0

3rd Place Match: Reyna dec. Abigail Nette, 9-7

62 kg

Round of 16: Spc. Bridgette Duty tech. fall Paige Wehrmeister, 10-0

Quarterfinals: Duty dec. Amanda Hendey, 14-8

Semifinals: Adaugo Nwachukwu tech. fall Duty, 16-1

Consolation Semifinals: Duty dec. Zoe Nowicki, 5-4

3rd Place Match: Duty dec. Ashlynn Ortega, 4-4

72 kg

Round of 16: Sydnee Kimber fall Pfc. Tristan Kelly, 6-4

Consolation 8 #1: Kelly dec. Marlynne Deede, 5-4

Consolation 8 #2: Kelly fall. Precious Bell, 2-0

Consolation 4: Kelly tech. fall Ashley Lekas, 12-0

Consolation Semis: Dymond Guilford tech. fall Kelly, 11-0