FORT BRAGG, N.C. - During the first few weeks in a new theater of operation, units scramble to find all of their containers, complete necessary classes and set up their units areas.

Recently, 50 paratroopers from the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division completed classes at Fort Bragg that will make their first few weeks in country just a little less hectic.

The 4th BCT paratroopers graduated from the Contracting Officer, Food Ordering Officer and Project Purchasing Officer classes Aug. 4, allowing them to skip several days of training in Afghanistan.

"These classes will save us time in Afghanistan," said Capt. Nathan Dorsch, assistant S-4, supply officer for the 4th BCT.

"The availability of the classes overseas is limited and there is a potential to be turned away."
This is the first time these classes have been offered in the United States for units deploying overseas.

"In the past, the Regional Contracting Command would require these classes in Afghanistan, now they will just do a double check on the certificates," said Maj. Robert Mathews, 608th Contingency Contracting team leader.

In addition to training 4th BCT, the 608th Contingency Contracting team also trained 50 members of provincial reconstruction teams and other Fort Bragg units, said Matthews.

For the 4th BCT paratroopers, these certifications will make the process much easier when they get on the ground.

"I learned how FOO (food ordering office) money can support the brigade mission and
support Soldiers day to day," said 2nd Lt. Hans Mogelgaard, platoon leader for the Distribution Platoon of Company E, 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment and graduate from the three classes. "These classes will help our mission and allow us to logistically assist the Afghans."