A Brand-New Playground: A Major Milestone in Fort Bliss Army Housing Developments

By Jean HanDecember 15, 2022

A Brand-New Playground: A Major Milestone in Fort Bliss Army Housing Developments
Command Sgt. Maj. Gerardo Gonzalez, Garrison Command Sergeant Major, Project Director Phillip Wrobel, Fort Bliss/White Sands Missile Range Family Homes, and Col. James Brady, Garrison Commander stand with shovels in front of a newly built playground in the Fort Bliss Lower Beaumont neighborhood. (Photo Credit: Jean Han) VIEW ORIGINAL

Fort Bliss, Texas – Garrison Commander Col. James Brady announced the unveiling of a brand-new playground in the Fort Bliss Lower Beaumont neighborhood today, a major milestone in Fort Bliss’ long-term plan to increase the quality of life of Soldiers and their families through improvements to Army housing.

The Lower Beaumont playground is the first of 36 neighborhood parks to complete construction as part of the Capital Repair & Replacement project, implemented in response to concerns brought forth in last year’s Army Housing Tenant Satisfaction Survey.

“We’re making improvements to 36 parks based on the Capital Repair & Replacement assessments,” said Brady. “This is the first major project execution - upgrading the playground in the Lower Beaumont neighborhood.”

The project began approximately two months ago starting with maintenance work for parks requiring only minor repairs.

“The assessment work has been done. Bolts have been tightened down. Pieces have been identified that need to be replaced and have been ordered,” said Phillip Wrobel, Project Director of Fort Bliss/White Sands Missile Range Family Homes.

The project moved to the next phase when major construction began for the Lower Beaumont playground on Dec. 2. It is the first facility to be built from the ground up.

Having recently secured more funding, the project will expand to impact 64 neighborhood parks, of which 45 will be retained and drastically upgraded.

“Major improvements to those 45 will include the addition of more swings, sun shades, benches, surface improvements…and a few new playgrounds will be built as well,” said Brady.

“We also plan on building a dog park and making the facilities more accessible and ADA compliant,” Wrobel added.

Plans are laid out to upgrade every playground in every neighborhood.

“In every neighborhood, every park will be touched,” said Wrobel. “Whether it's major construction or just general maintenance, whatever it might be that needs to be done - something is going to happen to every park.”

According to Brady, it’s projects like these that make participation in the annual Army Housing Tenant Satisfaction Survey that much more important.

“The results of the housing survey guide future plans to improve housing facilities, resident services, and community amenities, resulting in better quality of life for all tenants and families,” said Brady. “I highly encourage everyone to provide honest feedback about their living situations - your voice matters.”