Maj. Gen. Robert L. Edmonson II
Commanding General of the U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Command, Maj. Gen. Robert L. Edmonson II (Photo Credit: Official) VIEW ORIGINAL


With spring’s official arrival a few days ago, I am glad to finally say Happy Spring, everyone!

Spring brings time to reflect on new growth: the trees and plants outside, the personal or professional growth you see within yourself, or your growing to-do list as you begin your spring cleaning. This season is always busy!

It’s also time to remind you of some impending deadlines.

First, for those of you under the AcqDemo rating system, midpoints are quickly approaching. Midpoints should be completed by employees and supervisors no later than 30 April 2022. As a reminder, midpoints are mandatory to be completed by supervisors. Supervisors may set an early completion deadline for employees to ensure the completion of all assessments by the 30 April deadline.

In a similar vein, I’d like to remind you all to continue with your annual training. These courses help ensure the readiness of our force, and I encourage you all to commit to completing them thoroughly and early. I know it may be easy to click through them and be done until next year, but I ask that you take the time to really engage with what you’re learning – the information provides essential awareness for all of us and should not be taken lightly.

Next week, we will be honoring and remembering our Vietnam Veterans. In 2012, President Obama signed a proclamation designating 29 March as the annual observance of Vietnam War Veterans Day. CSM Brady and I are honored to spend some time in the community in the coming week with these warriors. I encourage you all to take a moment to remember all of their sacrifices, whether that be through connecting with Vietnam Veterans you know or learning more on the APG social media channels next week.

For our active duty and reserve teammates, the Department of the Army just announced the revised Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) effective 1 April 2022. Some of the key changes in this updated test include implementing the ACFT as a general physical fitness test with age and gender performance-normed scoring scales. The Army is also eliminating the leg-tuck exercise, while implementing the plank as the required core strength assessment. Additionally, the 2.5-mile walk is now an alternate aerobic event.

Thank you all for your continued dedication.

Combat power! Always ready!


MG Edmonson