Sgt. 1st Class Shawn Vik
Sgt. 1st Class Shawn Vik (Photo Credit: 189th CATB PAO) VIEW ORIGINAL

Sgt. 1st Class Shawn Vik, an observer coach/trainer assigned to First Army Division West's 1-357th BSB, 189th Combined Arms Training Brigade, served as a vital asset to the entire 189th Infantry Brigade during the Exportable Combat Training Capability rotation 21-01.

He personally led a team that created, validated, and executed the Tactical Convoy training lane, assisting in training over 100 Soldiers assigned to the California Army National Guard's 79th Infantry Brigade Comat Team in tactical convoy operations.

When his lane was not active, Vik occupied his time training Soldiers in area defense techniques, ensuring the survivability of over 150 individuals and all commodities necessary to sustain the brigade.

With his hard work and dedication, Vik has exemplified that NCOs are the backbone of the U.S. Army.