FORT HOOD, Texas (ASBP, June 18, 2009) - Sgt. Major Lawrence McCullar does a lot for Fort Hood. This honorable non-commissioned officer, deployed several times, now serves at Fort Hood's Directorate of Public Works (DPW) and occasionally sits in as the Garrison Sergeant Major. On June 18th he helped the Armed Services Blood Program save a life.

By keeping his online appointment and donating a unit of blood at the DPW Blood Drive arranged by Mrs. Virginia Sanders, he was able to send his blood donation to the battlefields of Iraq or Afghanistan and get it there in just five days. By leading from the front, he inspired other workers at DPW to donate and ensured the success of the blood drive.

One of those donors was Ms. Martha Kirkman. A former NCO herself, she now serves as a supply management specialist with DPW. "My blood type is AB negative and I am told it is one of the most needed types, so I need to give. I would do basically anything to help these troops. They are over there for us so we need to be there for them."

Sgt. Major McCullar challenged other directorates and organizations on Fort Hood to meet or beat the success of DPW's blood drive. "We've put a good mark on the wall with this drive. Now I'd like to see the Directorate of Logistics, AAFES, and even the civilian force at CTSF step up and try and beat our drive. A little competition would be great for the troops downrange." The CTSF is also known as the Centralized Training Systems Facility and Fort Hood has one of the largest and most modern training facilities in the Army.

The drive was a big success for the Fort Hood Blood Donor Center and one of the most successful using the online scheduling application. Twenty of 22 people signed up, showed for their appointments and over 40 people signed in overall.

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