Captain Jordan Elliott was the Officer in Charge of the Camp Marmal Project Office, overseeing construction projects as the Program Manager to include a fire department, a clinic, a reconstruction of a taxiway, additional parking and even Hangars. She enabled and assisted the USACE civilian force to achieve desired outcomes in an effort to realize the Commander's intent and Deliver the Program.Her overall efforts and leadership earned her the Joint Service Commendation Medal for her Meritorious Service for the Armed Forces of the United States, and also the NATO Medal for service with NATO in relation to the Resolute Support Mission in Afghanistan during her tour from May 6, 2019 through February 10, 2020.Elliott deployed to Afghanistan from the Southwestern Division, Dallas, Texas. She has been in the military for four years and has worked with USACE for just over a year as a former Aide-de-Camp to SWD commanding general."My predecessor, Capt. Nick Caesar recommended following on with this District, as he found his experience to be incredibly valuable and rewarding," she said.So Elliott's advice to those not sure if they want to deploy or not is, "Do it! I've learned an extraordinary amount from the process of mobilizing to getting 'Boots on the Ground' and have enjoyed with the other military members and civilians in this District team."She credits her parents in helping and supporting her to become the person she is now saying they have been instrumental in equipping me to be the person I am today through constant encouragement and counsel-they have led the way with their words and their actions.It's family that makes her the happiest, along with becoming a part of a family and a team. And she found a great team of professionals within the USACE Afghanistan District. Her biggest challenge while deployed was living separately from her family and friends, even though she was able to build relationships with folks she worked with and found purpose in the job she was doing every day, which she said made it much easier to adjust."I've found that USACE has some of the best and most welcoming and considerate employees and leaders," she said.For this Ft. Bragg, N.C., native she will be home to enjoy one of her favorite sports, basketball! And maybe enjoy some "March Madness", along with checking out some of the newest movie releases and listening to her favorite music.