FORT SILL, Oklahoma (Nov. 15, 2019) -- Soldiers from B Battery, 2nd Battalion, 2nd Field Artillery spent Nov. 14 training with aviation crews from the III Corps Combat Aviation Brigade at Henry Post Army Airfield.

About 60 Soldiers spent the afternoon loading their equipment onto two Black Hawk helicopters on the ground, or cold load training; and hooking a 105mm howitzer to an airborne helicopter for transport (elevator sling load training), said Capt. Tyger Lyons, B/2-2nd FA commander.

"This is a train up for an air assault raid," Lyons said. This training is to ensure the Soldiers can safely perform these technical events when they are in the field, or as part of combat operations.

An air assault raid is performed when field artillery Soldiers need to quickly assault a target that is beyond the range of their howitzers, Lyons said.

FA Soldiers attach their howitzers to helicopters which fly to a firing point. The Soldiers perform their fires mission, quickly reattach their guns to the helicopters and fly out before the enemy can locate them, the captain explained.

The battery supports field artillery training for Soldiers and Marines here, and is also the "Salute Battery" for the Fires Center of Excellence and Fort Sill.

2nd Lt. Caleb Ulrich, B/2-2nd FA, said the training is vital for artillery Soldiers, and is part of their skill set.

"This is something that we don't normally do, but it's something that we definitely need to be proficient on."

The air assault training occurs about once a year, Lyons said. The training will continue next week.