FORT BRAGG, North Carolina --- Soldiers from 1st- 82nd Attack Reconnaissance Battalion, 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 82nd Airborne Division, recently deployed to the United States Central Command Area of Operations. The Grey Eagles deployed to support CENTCOM operating environment, which umbrellas Operations Inherent Resolve and U.S. Military Training Missions, committed to working with and through regional partners to increase regional stability. The Army provides the preponderance of deployed forces for our national security efforts. The Army is the backbone of the Joint Force, providing command and control to Joint Forces, setting and sustaining theater, and securing and controlling people and terrain. Every Soldier in the 82nd Airborne Division is trained, capable and ready to support the Army's mission, which is of strategic importance to the U.S. National Defense Strategy and National Security Strategy. As the Soldiers prepare to depart, the senior leaders of the 82nd Airborne Division spoke to America Guards of Honor individually and collectively about the confidence they (82nd Airborne leaders) have in their capabilities to win the fight and protect our allies. "They all realize the impact of their jobs and positions," said Col. Earnest J. Irvin, commander of the 82nd Combat Aviation Brigade. "They know what they were trained to do, but I told them no matter how important they think it is, they will never understand the importance of what they're doing until they all return home." The men and women of the 82nd Attack Reconnaissance Battalion embraced family members with hugs and kisses, while they kept their weapons clutched close to their sides. U.S. Army Sgt. Julie Rahr, a native of Phoenix, Arizona, works as an unmanned aircraft system repairer with 1-82 ARB, said this was her first deployment, and she was ready to go do her job. Spc. Leighton Lim, a native of Daytona, Florida, was not clandestine about how he felt leaving on his first deployment. I am excited and ready, let's go, said Lim.