CAMP HUMPHREYS, Republic of Korea - U.S. Soldiers, Marines and Republic of Korea Army Soldiers came together to commemorate the 2nd Brigade Engineer Battalion with a monument, June 28, at the Regimental Walk on Camp Humphreys.The monument highlights 2BEB's accomplishments and contributions from the battalion's participation in the Civil War, World Wars I and II, the Korean War and modern-day conflicts. "This battalion has one of the longest and most distinguished histories in the Corps of Engineers," said Lt. Col. Jeremiah J. Willis, commander, 2BEB. "We will never forget the sacrifice that our predecessors have made for both the United States of America and the Republic of Korea."During the ceremony a special message from Korean War veterans and former prisoners of war Master Sgt. (Ret.) Robert P. Shaw, C. Co. 2nd Engineer Battalion and Sgt.1st Class (Ret.) Edward Smith, D. Co. 2EN, recounted the battalion's history to attendees via audio recording."In 1949 I served with 2nd Engineer Battalion and went to Korea during the war, naturally," said Smith. "I fought in the battle of Kun-ri and was captured as a POW for 33 months. It was dark, it was noisy and there was a lot of gunfire going on."Despite their time as prisoners of war and being long retired, the former engineers spoke very highly of their former unit."I hope they're proud of the 2nd Engineers and the history behind the 2nd Engineers," said Shaw. "It's a great organization and I've always been very proud to say that I've been in the 2nd Engineers.""I think they should take pride because it's a great division, and the engineer battalion is tops," said Smith. "The best thing I can say for the guys serving now is keep your head down."A third speaker Maj. (Ret.) Arden A. Rowley was set to fly in and speak at the event but passed away, June 14."The purpose and vision behind the 2nd Infantry Division's Regimental Walk is to ensure the sacrifices of all our great Warriors are never forgotten," said Maj. Gen. D. Scott McKean, division commander, 2nd Infantry Division/Republic of Korea-U.S. Combined Division. "This monument is a small token to remind us of the immeasurable debt that the 2nd Infantry Division and Eighth Army owe this battalion."