FORT HUACHUCA Ariz. (NETCOM) - The U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command held a memorial ceremony for the Signal Cove of Remembrance May 22, inside the command headquarters, Greely Hall, here. The ceremony included reading the names of all 102 Soldiers and civilians, who are forever etched on the Signal Cove of Remembrance walls, and ended with the placement of a memorial wreath inside the Cove. "This memorial, commissioned in 2006 by former NETCOM Commanding General, Lt. Gen. Carroll Pollett, was first dedicated in December 2008 by another former NETCOM Commanding General, Lt. Gen. Susan Lawrence, for the families of the first 56 fallen signal members since 9/11," said Maj. Gen. Maria Barrett, NETCOM Commanding General. "Since that day when we first dedicated this memorial, we have added 46 names and photos to these sacred walls," Barrett said. "Remembering the 102 Signal Soldiers and Civilians who sacrificed so much for all of us here today is our sacred duty." The Cove honors Signal Soldiers and Civilians who have died while deployed since Sept. 11, 2001, and has had the grave duty to add names to the wall throughout the years since the memorial was first dedicated. "These warriors came from across our great nation; they are sons, daughters, mothers and fathers. They represent a broad-range of peoples, and each come from unique personal backgrounds. Then again, even with all the differences, they all had one thing in common -- a great love for our nation," said Barrett. "They also represent just a fraction of our countrymen," Barrett added. "The less than one percent who volunteer to defend our constitution, if necessary, with their life. Each stood up and were counted at a time when our nation needed them the most … and for that, we honor them today and every day. Drawing to a close, Barrett said, "I know that my words alone cannot bring comfort to those who still feel their loss, but I do make this commitment on behalf of a grateful nation and a grateful Army that 'we will never forget.'" After the reading of the names of the fallen, two members of the command's honor guard took the wreath and solemnly marched from the auditorium to the Signal Cove of Remembrance, where Barrett and Sgt. Maj. Luis Matias, NETCOM G3, placed the wreath inside the memorial while the soulful sound of 'taps' was played by a lone bugler.