World Water Day
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PENTAGON - On 22 March 2019, we will celebrate World Water Day. Army readiness and lethality is dependent on access to the water resources we need to operate today and preserve our operating flexibility in the future. This year's World Water Day theme of 'leaving no one behind' also reminds us to consider the vital role access to clean and reliable sources of water plays to our Army, Soldiers, Civilians, Families and their communities.

This day provides an opportunity to recognize the great efforts made by Army installations across the United States to support and protect Army missions through responsible management of water resources. The Army manages water resources and infrastructure to support readiness by:

(1) Executing water infrastructure projects. The Army is improving the reliability and resilience of installation water systems to minimize potential disruptions.

(2) Securing alternative water sources. Rainwater harvesting systems and reuse of treated wastewater enhance resilience by providing alternative sources of non-potable water used for industrial, landscaping, and agricultural (ILA) purposes. In FY18, Army reduced ILA water consumption by 58.9% from the FY10 baseline.

(3) Reducing demand. The most cost-effective way to increase water resilience is to use less water. In FY18, the Army reduced potable water use, measured by water use intensity (gallons per square foot), by 34.6% from the FY07 baseline.

Guided by Congressional, Department of Defense, and Army resilience goals, the Army continues to exceed expectations for potable water use, industrial, landscaping, and agriculture water reduction.

Please help me celebrate our achievement to date and continue our focus on water resilience by displaying our World Water Day 2019 poster. Our Army of tomorrow will appreciate the efforts we take today to recognize water's direct link to readiness.

Alex A. Beehler

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