SKWIERZYNA, Poland -- Soldiers from 101st Brigade Support Battalion, 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, held a friendly futsal game with Polish soldiers, here, Feb. 21. Futsal is a variation of standard outdoor soccer, played on a hard court and typically indoors.

"When we got here [to Poland] we saw that there was an indoor soccer gym and a bunch of us in the unit just started to play," said Capt. Jameson Williams, chaplain, 101st BSB, 1st ABCT 1ID. "We recognized that the Polish soldiers kinda did the same thing, so we started playing right alongside them and built that relationship."

The 101st BSB, 1st ABCT Soldiers are deployed to Europe in support of Atlantic Resolve. They are an armored brigade combat team here as part of the approximately 6,000 Soldiers participating in Atlantic Resolve.

"When we arrived here on post we heard a rumor that there was a soccer league starting up and at first it was inter-battalion with Alpha, Bravo and Charlie [companies] playing," said Spc. Matthew Kinser a combat medic with 101st BSB, 1st ABCT, 1ID. "Then it came about that the winners were going to play the Polish. I'm super psyched, ready to play and I'm just glad to be here."

"The game was very hard, and the defense was really hard to be broken, I really appreciate the goalkeeper, I really could learn much from him," said 2nd Lt. Krzysztof Komorek, executive officer for the Polish training program.

American and Polish players will agree that the friendly ties and bonds made during these games, are something that can be carried into future endeavors between the two countries. Our NATO allies and partners know that we must stand together to maintain a Europe that is safe and secure.

"I really appreciate that we had the opportunity to play today, it was a very nice event," concluded Kombrek. "I hope to see these guys again."