YAVORIV, Ukraine- U.S. Army Europe Commanding Officer, Lt. Gen. Christopher Cavoli visits U.S. Troops and multinational Soldiers deployed to the Yavoriv Combat Training Center, Feb. 8.During his visit, Cavoli met with Ukrainian General Pavel Tkachuk, visited new training facilities, toured the new base improvements and met with multinational Soldiers.The tour began with visiting the Ukrainian Military Operation and Urban Terrain site, which is a newly developed and modernized form of training at the YCTC. The MOUT site is the latest training development at the YCTC and is currently being used to train Ukrainian rotational units in urban warfare.After visiting training sites, Cavoli toured some of the new base improvements, which included newly renovated living quarters, gym and MWR amenities.Cavoli then dined with multiple Soldiers in the base dining facility."It was an outstanding experience for our younger Soldiers to be able and have lunch with a general," stated Cpt. Teri Calvert. "It demonstrates true compassion, caring, and interest not only in the welfare and morale of the Soldiers here but it also shows genuine caring by the General."Cavoli seemed to leave a great impact not only on the multinational Soldiers but also on the U.S. troops who have been deployed to Ukraine since last summer."As a younger enlisted Soldier, it is always a great feeling when your hard work and effort is noticed," said Spc. Justin Smith. "He emphasized how great of a job we all as a unit are doing with this mission and to me, it was a great feeling too ."Cavoli assumed command in January 2018 and is the 39th commanding general for U.S. Army Europe."The visit and lunch boosted morale when the general expressed his appreciation for a job well done and the positive impact the Tennessee National Guard has made while here at JMTG-U," Calvert said.