MADIGAN ARMY MEDICAL CENTER, Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash. --- A physician newly assigned to Madigan's Pediatric Specialties Clinic was recently named the 2018 Military Health System's Female Physician Leadership Award.Maj. Bonnie Jordan competed against female physicians representing each military branch in order to be named the winner. She competed while assigned as an Evans Army Community Hospital battalion surgeon and was previously with their Warrior Transition Battalion."I'm humbled and honored to receive this award," said Jordan. "My journey in the Army is marked by strong leaders and peers I've worked with along the way."The panel of judges considered each candidate's contributions to military medicine and also how the candidates have served as exemplary role models for other female physicians.According to the application, the overall objective of the award is to advance the cause of women in military medicine and to provide role models who will motivate the next generation of physician leaders."I've had incredible female mentors in the Army who have inspired and coached me through different challenges and successes," said Jordan. "I love being a physician and I want to do the same for others."Jordan, a mother to four children, has experienced many challenges along her career path as a physician and mother, she said. She attributed finding creative solutions and her strong network of family and friends as being essential for her success both at home and work."I would tell any woman contemplating a career in medicine or the Army that many phenomenal mothers are also inspiring physicians and leaders," said Jordan.Jordan's balance of her military career and personal life have afforded her the ability to remain available to Soldiers and fellow surgeons for health care, advice and mentorship throughout the day and after hours as well. Once piece of advice Jordan shares often is one of her favorite mottos, "Just Breathe." She says the motto helps her tackle even the most challenging of circumstances."Whether I'm pushing myself through a tough workout or wrestling with an emotionally-charged situation, 'Just Breathe' reminds me to take a moment and focus on what's important. It helps keep me level-headed and mission oriented," said Jordan.Her motto and commitment to returning the mentorship she received over the years were contributing factors to her being recommended for the award."It's because of her experience, achievements and awards that she was picked," said Lt. Col. Brendan Song, Jordan's commander while she served at the WTB.Song recommended Jordan for the award after working with her for three years.Assigned as a battalion surgeon, Jordan worked tirelessly to renovate several processes WTB Soldiers participate in to help facilitate their healing or transition into civilian life. Much of Jordan's work also contributed to the Fort Carson, Colorado, WTB being named as the best facility within Regional Health Command-Central in 2018."Everyone from Soldiers in transition to staff and family members, she was always available," said Song. "She is well-liked and respected. I'm very proud of her."Jordan was recommended for the award while assigned to the WTB. Before she was invited to accept the award during an official dinner and award ceremony Nov. 29, 2018, Jordan was reassigned to Madigan Army Medical Center at JBLM."She's done so much in the three years she was here," said Song. "She will be missed and a great asset to wherever she goes."