CSSC-K closeout settlement completed
Marcia Larssen, contracting officer and data analytics team lead, Army Contracting Command-Rock Island, signs the final modification to fund that last closeout settlement on the Combat Support Services Contract-Kuwait contract, as Dean Luchsinger, Ch... (Photo Credit: U.S. Army) VIEW ORIGINAL

ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL, Ill. -- The Army Contracting Command-Rock Island completed the last closeout settlement to a large, complex contract, Aug. 14.

Marcia Larssen, contracting officer and data analytics team lead, ACC-RI, joined Dean Luchsinger, Chairman, Combat Support Associates, in signing the final modification to fund the last closeout settlement on the Combat Support Services Contract-Kuwait contract.

The CSSC-K supported Area Support Group-Kuwait providing base operations and support services in Kuwait to include supply and services; material maintenance; installation transportation; public works support; Morale Welfare and Recreation; information management systems; administration; operations; security; and aviation maintenance.

The Kuwait bases were entry points for soldiers during US-led invasion of Iraq in 2003, and since then, they have been the main entry points for troops to the CENTCOM Area of Responsibility.

The U.S. Army Atlantic Contracting Center awarded the initial CSSC-K contract in July 1999 by, with nine option years available to be exercised for continued service. Army Contracting Command-Kuwait was responsible for contract management until the Secretary of the Army transferred that authority to ACC-RI in November 2007.

While the CCSC-K contract was scheduled to end in September 2009, it was extended through February 2011, during the re-compete source selection and transition periods to the existing Kuwait Base Operations Support and Security Support Services contract. In all, the contract value exceeded more than $4 billion by the end of the contract performance period in February 2011 and final close out in August 2018.

Following the expiration of this contract, contracting staff separated and awarded requirements on three contracts: Kuwait-Base Operations and Security Support Services, Supply Support Activity and Ammunition Supply Point, setting the stage for closeout of CSSC-K.

This closeout effort took the expertise of a significant number of people at ACC-RI, the U.S. Army Sustainment Command, the Defense Contract Management Agency, Defense Contract Audit Agency, Area Support Group -- Kuwait, ARCENT, and the Defense Finance and Accounting Service staffs.

Working with that many people required patience and follow-through to make sure everyone is doing their part in reviewing and reconciling, said Larssen. She also said keeping good accounting records is crucial to ensure others working with the contract, in the future, have an accurate and complete understanding of the contract's history.

"Closeout of this contract is a noteworthy accomplishment supported by both government and contractor personnel," said Larssen.

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