STEM, N.C. - National Guard Soldiers assigned to the United States Property and Fiscal Office for North Carolina (USPFO-NC) participated in Army Combatives during their annual training event at Camp Butner's Training Site in Stem, North Carolina, April 17, 2018.

The USPFO-NC revisited and trained on many of the Army's Warrior Tasks, as part of Operation Balanced Soldier.

The training included combatives level I and level II taught by Army Sgt. Luis Piris-Santiago, and Soldiers were introduced to a combat urban assualt and defense class taught by David Loftis, a Karate instructor.

Piris-Santiago, a non commissioned officer in the data processing information technology office assigned to the USPFO-NC, taught four essential moves Soldiers use on possible agressors. Piris-Santiago began by teaching grappling techniques like the rear mount with opposing thumb grip. He concluded by instructing on how to utilize the full mount, full guard and side control. The techniques taught in the class focused on body control and how to properly overcome possible attackers.

"We learned a lot of great moves, a lot of great techniques on the battlefield as far as close encounter," said Sgt. 1st Class Miranda Werner, a logistics non commissioned officer assigned to the USPFO-NC. "It was really great training."

Loftis' class included a variety of defense techniques such as blocking, kicking, punching, strangulation and weapons defense.

Loftis is an instructor for Karate USA in Hillsborough, North Carolina and has been doing Karate for approximately 10 years and Tang Soo Do for approximately six years.

Tang Soo Do is a style of Korean martial art that focuses upon the improvement of one's self.

"I know knowledge is power so I want to equip them with a better way of defending themselves, getting out quickly and avoiding a really bad situation," said Loftis. "Basically trying to arm them with knowledge so they can survive more situations with a higher percentage of success."

Karate USA volunteered their time to provide Soldiers with The North Carolina Army National Guard a mixed training event to enhance their skillset in support of Operation Balanced Soldier.