The rain at Fort Hood may have affected some activities but for Soldiers of the 49th Transportation Battalion and 602d Maintenance Company it afforded them a window of opportunity to do good for others. Inspired by their first sergeant, Sergeant First Class Yolanda Brown, a platoon of Soldiers turned up at the Robertson Blood Center on Fort Hood to donate blood.

The blood center, an activity of the Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center, collects blood donations from Soldiers, Family Members, and supporters and processes them for use on battlefields and in military hospitals.

"A rainy Friday is a good day to give blood," said Sergeant Moon. The entire donation process took about one hour and then the Soldiers were released to show off their bandages and enjoy the rest of the day off. General Rick Lynch, the III Corps commander issued a new policy in February encouraging commanders to schedule blood drives and to give Soldiers three day passes for donating blood.

"The first sergeant let us know how important this was," said Moon "so we wanted to help out."

You can find out more about the Armed Services Blood Program on the official website at