By: Dr. Patrick O'Farrell, Army Contracting Command - RedstoneOne of the unique contracts ACC-Redstone executed in meeting Army supplemental requirements is a contract to deliver 159 recapped Blackhawk Aircraft to Afghanistan in support of transitioning combat support air operations to our Afghan National Army partners. The package deal of 159 UH-60A will run over the next 4 years with the contracting and program management work being done here in Huntsville which has over 45 helicopters already recapped at this point.Ms. Rebecca Weirick, Executive Director and PARC at ACC- Redstone described, "ACC-Redstone works directly in concert with US commanders supporting Afghanistan combat operations and the transition of responsibility to Afghan pilots to defend their country versus U.S. pilots. We work hard to support GEN Nicholson in combat operations and initiatives as part of NATO's Operation Resolute Support in Afghanistan. Our contracting offices primarily tie in with PEO Aviation, AMCOM, and CSTC-A missions in support of those combat operations."This was just one of the over 16 thousand contracting actions ACC-Redstone executed last year with an obligation total of $20.5B and over $4.5Billion in cost savings to the Government, and in particular, was a contract that contributed to ACC-Redstone meeting its small business goals for the year.Ms. Angela King, Director of Contracts for the Aviation Field Maintenance Contracts said, "This action is being executed on our Logistics Support Facility (LSF) contact and it's great to give a small business the opportunity to participate in such an impactful effort and for our LSF contracting team to see the direct effect of their actions in Afghanistan."