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USAG Daegu, South Korea -- To welcome new interns in the fall session and provide an introduction about the Intern Program, United States Army Garrison Daegu held an Intern Program 2017 fall session orientation, Sept. 29 at the USAG Daegu Headquarters on Camp Henry. Nearly 45 people gathered to attend the orientation, including interns and their supervisors.

Ingrid Walsh-Brown, former Director of Human Resources, Choi Jeong-A, Intern Program Coordinator and Gerri Withers, Acting Director of Army Community Service began the orientation with greetings and gave a warm welcome to participants. After the initial greetings, interns and supervisors had time to introduce themselves by going around the table.

"This internship program is a very good opportunity for students to learn things such as developing a sense of responsibility and building social relationships. I believe six months wouldn't be a short period at all, so I hope that interns improve their abilities in every way during this 2017 Fall session, and me as well," said Choi.

In November 2013, seven universities, including Kyungpook National University, Yeungnam University, Keimyung University and Daegu University, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with USAG Daegu, and began operating an internship program. Students who are chosen to be interns work on U.S. Army installations for six months, earn credits and receive a small scholarship from their universities.

Intern Kim, Minkyeong, assigned to the DHR office said, "I just started doing the internship a few weeks ago and I'm working pretty well with nice staff in my office. I didn't meet all interns today, but I realized that there are many interns working at different positions. I'm really grateful to every supervisor for taking care of their interns a lot."

Following the opening and introduction, interns and supervisors broke out into separate groups to discuss their respective areas in regard to guidelines, supervision, expectations, mentoring, paperwork and other important topics before reconvening. A final presentation was given by Steve McQuerry, Physical Security Supervisor for the Directorate of Emergency Services, who explained safeguarding passes and reporting procedures.

Choi said that she was really worried about organizing the Intern Orientation. "It was a bit of pressure when I heard that I'll be in charge as Intern Coordinator at first, because I still had a lot to learn. However, I've already improved a lot and would be more different in six months." Choi added.

The intern program is highly popular among students because they are able to develop foreign language skills and experience foreign culture while working with U.S. military Soldiers and civilians. To date, there are 50 to 70 students per session, working in 30 different departments at USAG Daegu. There are 30 interns in the fall session which is due to end on February 28.

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