POZNAN, Poland -- Soldiers from 569th Human Resources Company, 16th Special Troops Battalion, 16th Sustainment Brigade, sent a personnel accountability team to Poznan, Mar. 19-24 in support of the 497th Combat Sustainment Support Battalion and the 330th Movement Control Battalion's reception, staging and onward movement into the European Theater.The personnel accountability mission granted opportunities to empower junior leaders from the 16th Sustainment Brigade to take their leadership skills to higher levels."Seeing these Soldiers come into country, and doing our part of the mission really puts the bigger picture into perspective," said Sgt. Joseph Lomo, a human resources specialist, assigned to the 569th HRC. "The Atlantic Resolve mission gives our Soldiers the opportunity to see the world and impact Europe in a positive way."The company managed the successful arrival, processing, and integration of more than 300 Regular Army, National Guard and Army Reserve Soldiers into the 16th Sustainment Brigade and the 21st Theater Sustainment Command teams."I'm glad we were able to participate in this mission helping our fellow Soldiers from the U.S. to have a smooth transition," said Pfc. Cedarius Freeman, a human resources specialist, assigned to the 569th HRC. "I know that my friends I went to basic training with, are not having the same real-world experiences I'm having being a part of the 16th Special Troops Battalion."The sustainment capabilities the 16th Sustainment Brigade, with the addition of the 497th CSSB and 330th MCB, provides to Atlantic Resolve and the unit's training with NATO Allies continues to contribute to the dynamic presence in supporting a strong Europe.