WIESBADEN, Germany -- Two 2nd Signal Brigade units were recently named the U.S. Army Network Enterprise Technology Command 2016 Network Enterprise Center of the Year in their respective categories, recognizing the highest standards for customer service and communications excellence across the command.The 509th Signal Battalion in Vicenza, Italy won the NETCOM NEC of the Year award for the medium category, and the 102nd Signal Battalion in Wiesbaden won for the large category, the unit's fifth consecutive award.There are 132 NECs in NETCOM each evaluated for responsiveness in supporting enterprise establishment efforts, supported enterprise solutions, innovative demonstrated in solutions to resource shortfalls and other specified criteria.Maj. Gen. John Baker, commander of NETCOM, presented the awards during visits to the 509th Signal Battalion and the 102nd Signal Battalion Feb. 22-23, 2017."This speaks volumes as to your work and professionalism. I am enormously proud of the standard that you're setting and the contributions that you're making," Baker said.Lt. Col. Ernest Tornabell IV, commander of the 102nd Signal Battalion, said his unit is the largest strategic signal battalion in Europe with six NECs spread across Germany and an enterprise satellite communications gateway."This is truly a team effort when we were able to receive this award again. We could not have done it without the leadership and the drive of all our personnel," Tornabell said.Lt. Col. Brent Skinner, commander of the 509th Signal Battalion, said while his unit is the smallest in 2nd Signal Brigade, it has the second largest direct customer base and is the most geographically dispersed serving customers in Italy, the Balkans, Black Sea and Africa."This award is a true testament of the commitment and dedication of all our Soldiers, DA Civilians, Italian Local Nationals, and contractors of the mighty 509th Signal Battalion," Skinner said. "Our personnel across the board have committed themselves to the highest level of customer service that we are able to provide."Scott Hughston, deputy director of the 509th Signal Battalion, attributed the unit's success to strong leadership and a highly qualified, motivated and talented workforce."We build and maintain a strong esprit-de-corps within our empowered team," Hughston said. "This award represents the quality of the 509th Signal Battalion team, their ability to lean forward while solving complex technical problems while delivering superior IT services to our customers that enable mission success."---2nd Signal Brigade builds, operates and defends Mission Command System and networks to support unified action anytime, anywhere.