YONGSAN GARRISON -- Approximately 40 school principals and parents, all members of Korea Future Youth Foundation, visited U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, Feb. 16 to get a first-hand look at the differences between U.S. schools and the Republic of Korea schools.

Following a luncheon with Deputy to the Garrison Commander Tommy R. Mize at Dragon Hill Lodge the members participated in a windshield tour of the facilities in the garrison with An, Chang-sin, USAG Yongsan Community Relations Officer. During the tour, they were able to see differences between U.S. and Republic of Korea.

"I was surprised when I observed cars stopping at stop signs and crosswalks near the schools," said Park, Mi-jung, President of Parent Society Daehwa High School. "This is what I think drivers in Korea should learn so we can protect our children and students from accidents."

The tour ended with a walkthrough of schools on the garrison. The members entered school classrooms and were able to see how U.S. students interacted with instructors. It was a unique opportunity as it was the first time for them to take a glimpse into U.S. school system.

"Unlike Korean school classrooms, American classrooms are open to everyone, and I think it helps students build creativity." said Park. "It was impressive that amenities including library and [track and] field are well established. Students are able to learn not only from teachers, but from experience, and I believe it is a critical difference between U.S. students and Korean students."