Soldiers of the Fort Bliss Warrior Transition Battalion, William Beaumont Army Medical Center stood tall in final reverence to the battalion's Company B and Community Care Unit (CCU) during an inactivation ceremony held Aug. 2, 2016 here.

Both units were inactivated as part of the U.S. Army Medical Command reshaping of the Warrior Care & Transition Program after a near decade of service to wounded, injured and ill Soldiers.

"We're about to embark on a historic journey that will add to another chapter of our proud legacy, a journey which most of us understand as we are required to reduce our numbers across our Army," said Lt. Col. Bruce J. Carter, commander of the Fort Bliss WTB during his remarks. "The medical caduceus and streamers you see here today proudly attest to the dedication, courage, and sacrifice our Soldiers and Civilians have demonstrated over the years."

The units affected by this reshaping were comprised of commissioned and noncommissioned officers, Department of Defense employees and contractors. Together they transitioned hundreds of Soldiers, provided leadership, nurse case management, adaptive rehabilitation, occupational and physical therapy, social work, education and career counseling.

Commanders of the disestablished units address their formations one last time signifying the end of their commands during the ceremony. Cpt. Jessie D. Campbell, commander of Company B, expressed his gratitude and thanks to the members of his company during his time in command.

"I couldn't have succeeded in command of Bravo Company without the support of my outstanding noncommissioned officers, civilians and the efforts of the Soldiers in transition themselves," said Campbell.

Maj. Brandi N. Miller, commander of the CCU, echoed Campbell's sentiments in her final address.

"This company's success during my time as the CCU commander can only be attributed to those Soldiers and civilians I have had the honor and distinct privilege to serve alongside of," said Miller.

The Fort Bliss WTB continues to carry-out its primary mission with two remaining companies establishing conditions for Soldiers in transition to heal while promoting their timely return to the force, or transition from the military to continue serving the nation as a Veteran in their local communities. For the latest info on the Fort Bliss WTB, visit their Facebook page at