FORT HOOD, Texas - "Brat is actually an acronym. B is for bright. R is for resilient. A is for adaptive. T is for trustworthy. That's what it means," said Maj. Gen. J.T. Thomson, 1st Cavalry Division commanding general, before reading to a room full of kids. "Military children make a lot of sacrifices for their moms and dads." Taking any free space on the floor, children gathered and they waited quietly. They had come to the 1st Cavalry Division Family Readiness Center here to listen to the story "Verdi", by Janell Cannon, April 26. Thomson read "Verdi" to the children for a Tell Me a Story event. The tale is about a young snake that doesn't want to grow up to be like all the other adult snakes but learns that growing up doesn't mean he has to change who he is. The event aims to helps empower military children throw the use of books. "I think one of the best things we can do for our children is to read to them and get them involved in reading," said Lt. Col. Paul Krattiger, commander of 1st Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, whom brought both of his daughters to the event. "It fosters a life time of learning or desire to learn." Along with the story, the children were treated to actives such as games and crafts that were based on the book. Ellery, a child that listened to the First Team commanding general as he read the book, explained that she liked the book as well as the actives after the reading as well. "I liked [the story] because it has a moral," said Ellery.