The Warriors of the 2nd Infantry Division enjoyed a visit from the Chief of Staff of the Army Dec. 18.

Gen. George W. Casey Jr. traveled to Warrior Country to take part in the Warfighter Exercise After Action Review which was led by 2nd Infantry Division commanding general, Maj. Gen. John W. Morgan III. Casey also recognized "Heroes of the battle," reenlisted about a dozen Soldiers, and shared a meal at 1st Heavy Brigade Combat Team's Sport's CafAfA with junior Warriors from across the division.

Before reenlisting the Soldiers at the Digital Conference Center on Camp Casey, he spoke about the Army's accomplishments over the last year. He said that modularity, which began in 2004, was 85 percent complete despite the deployment of 150,000 Soldiers to Operations Enduring and Iraqi Freedom.

"By the end of 2011, in three more years, we will have a fundamentally different Army then we had on September 11th. It is an Army that will be more versatile and in tune with the challenges and uncertainties of the 21st century," Casey said.

However, Casey was quick to point out that training for conventional warfare was still one of the Army's highest priorities.

"It's hugely important to our Army to keep these skills alive as we gradually build enough time at home station, so that our Soldiers can begin to rekindle those conventional skills," he said.

The past year also saw unprecedented numbers of American choose to don the Army Combat Uniform, he said.

"In fiscal (year) 2008; 290,000 men and women enlisted or reenlisted in the Army, Guard or Reserve, each one of them knowing they were entering an Army at war and they would probably go to combat sometime in the near future," Casey said.

In addition, Casey thanked the Soldiers for their selfless service.

"America, even more so these days is really a beacon of hope for the world," Casey said.
"We have our men and women of the armed forces, their Families and Army civilians scattered all over the world. And they're making a difference every place that they are and you all here is no exception.

"Don't underestimate what you're doing because you're making a difference out here. This will be - the 21st Century - the century of the Pacific."

Following the ceremony Casey took part in 2ID's AAR for the Warfighter Exercise, a military training exercise recently concluded by the division designed to train leaders and Soldiers for combat operations in the event of a conventional war on the Korean Peninsula.

Casey said he was pleased with the effectiveness of the exercise.

"What I saw today is that those skills (conventional warfighting capabilities) are alive and well here in Korea," he said.

To conclude the day's events, Casey met with junior Soldiers from across 2ID at the 1HBCT dining facility located on Camp Hovey. He again took the opportunity to inform troops about the health of the Army and also thanked them for their hard work, dedication and service to the nation.

"You are part of the best Army in the world and there is no doubt about that in the minds of other armies," he said.