BUCHAREST, Romania -- Leadership assigned to 2nd Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment met with their military counterparts assigned to the Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC,) Romanian Land Forces (ROULF,) at the Land Forces Headquarters in Bucharest, Romania on Apr. 2, 2015.

Amongst the leaders representing 2nd Squadron "Cougar," were Lt. Col. Theodore A. Johnson, 2nd squadron commander; Command Sgt. Maj. Peter D. Johnson, squadron command sergeant major; 1st Lt. Nathan P. Swire, a liaison officer and 2nd Lt. William Crawford, a public affairs liaison, both assigned to the squadron.

The 2nd CR leadership were immediately greeted by representatives of the ROULF as they arrived for the meeting. While being escorted into the Headquarters building, they were taken through the Hall of Commanders that contained portraits of Romanian military leaders from past to present. After being lead up the stairs to the conference room, the Soldiers were then greeted by Romanian leadership assigned to the TRADOC unit of the ROULF.

Members of the Romanian Land Forces unit in attendance included Col. Dragos Iacob, deputy chief of TRADOC; Col. Nicolae Ivan, chief of the infantry branch; Col. Gheorge Zidaru, chief of mountain branch; Lt. Col. Felician Farcas, office of international affairs; Capt. Catalin Covrig, planning, training and simulations branch; Capt. Antonio Anghelescu, military police office and Command Sgt. Maj. George Neacsu-Moos, chief of land forces.

"My goals for the meeting, as the task force commander for Operation Atlantic Resolve-South, were to pay courtesy to the Romanian Land Forces leadership while discussing our common interoperability goals for the upcoming multi-lateral training exercises," said Johnson.

After greeting each other, the meeting commenced and the leaders talked about a variety of topics ranging from the aforementioned interoperability between allies to leader development and community relations.

Throughout the next couple of months, both organizations will be participating in several different training events, including squad and platoon live-fires, while also giving Cougar Squadron the opportunity to enjoy other sides of Romania through planned cultural days. During these events, Troopers will have the chance to experience the Romanian culture while meeting local nationals and visiting historical sites throughout the country.

"We are seeking combined opportunities for leader development, community relations, and public affairs in order to showcase our Allied partnership," said Johnson. "While also demonstrating our commitment to our Allies security."

As the meeting came to a close, both units seemed to have come away with not only a clearer understanding of what will be needed from one another but also what roles they will be playing throughout the upcoming training.

"The meeting reflected the strong relationship that is developing between our military organizations," said Johnson. "We have established the course for our combined efforts to improve military's capabilities to conduct operations with NATO Allies."