The message that was given to Fort Leonard Wood Soldiers transitioning to Fort Hood, Texas, could have been delivered by anyone.

However, Maj. Gen. Michael Bills, U.S. Army 1st Cavalry Division commanding general, and Command Sgt. Maj. Andrew Barteky, division command sergeant major, thought it was important to provide a personal welcome.

"You are a part of a team of teams," said Bills during a morning briefing Monday at the Maneuver Support Center of Excellence Digital Training Facility to about two-dozen officers and noncommissioned officers who are projected to transition to Fort Hood. "We are here to address things that are of concern to you and resources that are available. It's important for us to bring you to Fort Hood the right way."

The division commander, who is on his second tour at Fort Hood, provided incoming leaders with an overview of the command team, mission essential tasks and current and future operations.

He emphasized the key to success in supporting the Chief of Staff of the Army is readiness, resiliency, resources, and leader development, with readiness being the number-one piece of the equation.

"Each of the brigade commanders, all the way down to the company level, are truly focused to make sure their company troop batteries all the way up are trained and ready," he said.

The prestigious division, with more than 24,000 Soldiers and growing, is following the Army's new concept of rapid, nine-month deployments.

"There's a constant churn that we're going through." Bills said. "It's been a busy year, but our Soldiers are doing great in terms of preparation."

The division's command sergeant major echoed the mission of the heavy armored division to the Soldiers in attendance.

"Our mission is to go where we are called, and every one of you plays an essential role in getting after that -- whether it's instilling discipline and standards in your Soldiers, or taking advantage of every opportunity to improve your skills and those with whom you serve," Barteky said. "We're excited to get you, because you serve a vital role in getting after that piece."

Barteky said he wants each Soldier to set the conditions for a successful transition to Fort Hood by starting early and addressing lingering questions or validating assumptions with the sponsors who are assigned to help them with their transition.

The 1st Cavalry Division command team provided an afternoon briefing to Soldiers at Lincoln Hall Auditorium, and concluded both the morning and afternoon sessions by answering questions and welcoming the division's newest Soldiers to the team.

The visit was part of an initiative led by Maj. Gen. Leslie Smith, MSCoE and Fort Leonard Wood commanding general, and Fort Hood leadership, to ensure successful Soldier transitions.