20th CBRNE participates in Key Resolve exercise
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YONGSAN GARRISON, South Korea -- The U.S. Defense Department's only command that combats global chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive threats is participating Key Resolve in South Korea March 2 - 13.

Soldiers from the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland-based 20th CBRNE Command (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, Explosives) are training with U.S.-Republic of Korea (ROK) Alliance military forces during the Korean Peninsula-wide exercise.

The 20th CBRNE Command is training with Eighth Army, the U.S. Army's top command in South Korea, and the 71st Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Group is serving with the 2nd Infantry Division, the U.S. Army's only permanently forward deployed division.

The 71st EOD Group deployment supports 20th CBRNE Command's effort to regionally align its brigade-level formations.

The Fort Carson, Colorado-based 71st EOD Group serves with I Corps in the Asia Pacific region; the 48th CBRN Brigade operates with III Corps in Europe, Africa and the Middle East; and the 52nd EOD Group deploys with the XVIII Airborne Corps on Global Response Force missions.

Defensive in nature, Exercise Key Resolve is being conducting to keep alliance forces ready to maintain security on the Korean Peninsula and stability in Northeast Asia.

The first of two annual command post exercises, Key Resolve starts on the same days as Foal Eagle, a series of joint and combined field training exercises held in South Korea from March 2 to April 24.

American and South Korean military forces are being joined by United Nations Command troops from Australia, Canada, Denmark, France and Great Britain during Key Resolve.

Stationed on 19 posts in 16 states, American Soldiers and civilians from the 20th CBRNE Command combat global CBRNE threats ranging from improvised explosive devices to Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Soldiers from the 20th CBRNE Command, which serves with joint, interagency and allied partners around the world, have previously trained with South Korean forces on the Korean Peninsula and in the United States.

Brig. Gen. JB Burton, the commanding general of 20th CBRNE Command, said the deployment of 20th CBRNE Soldiers to South Korea demonstrates the U.S. commitment to U.S.-ROK Alliance.

"20th CBRNE Command troopers welcome the opportunity to train with their ROK partners again," said Burton, a native of Tullahoma, Tennessee, who previously served as the assistant division commander for maneuver with the South Korea-based 2nd Infantry Division.

"Exercises like Key Resolve demonstrate our nation's commitment to security on the Korean Peninsula and stability in the Asia Pacific region," said Burton.

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