BAGHDAD - Soldiers from Company A, 64th Brigade Support Battalion, do not have a problem keeping the Army strong.
For the second year in a row, the Outlaws are the first company in 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, to accomplish its retention mission.
Some might think the Outlaws would let something like that go to their head, but it's just business as usual in the command post, motor pool and barrier yard. With the incentives and school options, the Soldiers who reenlisted said they are pleased with the rewards they will receive and the education they will get when the brigade returns to Fort Carson, Colo., in early 2009.
"I appreciated the school option," said Spc. Travis Nowland, a Thornton, Colo. native, who serves with Company A's Fuel Platoon, about an education credit he was granted as a result of his reenlistment.

The incentives included the very popular school option that allows Soldiers to complete a full semester of college, in addition to the much enjoyed bonuses most received. The Soldiers will also have a 45-day block leave period instead of the regular 30 upon returning to Colorado, a four-day pass and the option of transferring units within the brigade upon return.
Soldiers have their own reasons for re-enlisting. Some re-enlist because they are ready to start or continue a career, others because they want the stable paycheck in the troubled economy. Almost all the Soldiers who re-enlisted in Company A, 64th BSB said the incentives played a definite role in their decision.
"I was planning on getting out, but with the economy and a constant paycheck it was hard to ignore - and the incentives were outstanding," said Staff Sgt. Christopher Osorio, an Aloha, Ore., native, who serves with the Transportation Platoon.
As their motto clearly states, the Outlaws are always "Ready to Support," which carries over into every aspect of their professional life to include reenlistment.
The Outlaws, of course, are still American Soldiers - and the mission comes first. With their futures secure, they will continue to work and strive for perfection in their occupations and additional duties.