FORT HOOD, Texas (Jan. 7, 2014) -- Fort Hood received its initial cohort of 87 Soldiers that were in support of Operation United Assistance, Jan. 7. The Soldiers are from, the 36th Engineer Brigade, returning from Liberia, West Africa, where they have been deployed since October 2014.

All service members will be supported at Fort Hood's controlled monitoring area site with dignity, respect and compassion, while being afforded essential quality-of-life equipment and services as they undergo their mandatory 21-day controlled monitoring period. Soldiers will conduct warrior skills training during this period.

They will be reintegrated with their units, families, friends, and communities at the conclusion of their monitoring period and at the welcome home ceremony.

"While here, Soldiers will conduct resiliency and readiness training, building their warrior skills for their potential next deployment," said Lt. Col. Carter Price, 2nd Battalion, 5th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Brigade Combat Team, 1st Cavalry Division, commander in charge of cadre operations for the Fort Hood Controlled Monitoring Area Site.

Price said that the monitoring period is a "prudent move," given the low chance that a Soldier might have been exposed to someone with the Ebola virus disease while deployed to West Africa.

Price also said that in the event that a Soldier exhibits symptoms associated with the Ebola virus, they would be separated from their cohort and monitored at a medical area at the controlled monitoring area site for a period. If the Soldier is determined to have the Ebola virus, they will be treated at the appropriate medical facility.

As part of the United States' effort to prevent the Ebola virus disease from being introduced and transmitted to America, the Department of Defense announced, Nov. 7, 2014, that Fort Hood will be one of five military installations to host a 21-day controlled monitoring area site for all military service members returning from Operation United Assistance.

Of the 87 Soldiers, 80 are stationed at Fort Hood, with the remaining seven from Fort Carson, Colorado. The Fort Carson-based Soldiers will return home following the completion of their controlled monitoring period.