PYEONGTEAK, South Korea - Leaders from Pyeongtaek and the 2nd Infantry Division participated in a Foundation Ceremony for the Republic of Korea and U.S. Friendship Council of Pyeongtaek Nov. 27 at Pyeongtaek City Hall.Brig. Gen. Erik C. Peterson, 2nd Inf., Div., deputy commanding general for support, Brig. Gen. Russell L. Mack, vice commander, 7th Air Force, Air Force Korea and chief of staff, Air Component Command, Osan Air Base, Pyeongtaek Mayor Kim, Sun Kee, and Lee, Suck-Kwon, chief officer of Pyeongtaek Police, participated in this event. The Friendship Council consists of 9 Korean and 7 American representatives who will work together to address issues both countries share in common in the region and cooperate as 'good neighbors'.The council aims to continue to develop understanding and friendship between the USFK and the local communities with continuous events such as the good neighbor program, international exchange center operation, Korea-U.S. friendship festival in Pyeongtaek."Our city is in the core of security where USFK is (located), and appropriate understanding and friendly relationships are needed more now than any moment of history before USFK installations are to be moved in 2016. We should try harder to resolve current and common issues through today's inter-operative system," said Mayor of Pyeongtaek city, Kim, Sun-Ki.For photos and more information visit:!/media/set/?set=a.699098916790939.1073741964.1150967951911577ba6d63e7a929cc3b5dc73661bd77bcd84bc93789d300ca6d1c68cb5e196ce9d513c4556491465d743f0d4e3c2501889330f981fbdb8fa5643df81e60f102fb8type=1