CAMP HUMPHREYS, South Korea -- Some people like to run. Others will only run if something is chasing them. Soldiers from Company A, 602nd Aviation Support Battalion, 2nd Combat Aviation Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, put together an event that would cater to both types of people and their children. "Last year there were no Halloween run and no one was doing it this year," said Capt. Jairus Roberts, from Mesa, Ariz., and the commander of Company A. "So, we did it ourselves." With the help of volunteers Roberts' unit built a haunted house, designed a run, and created zombies for the Zombie 5k Fun Run Oct. 26 at Camp Humphreys. "I'm out here for the kids mainly," said Spc. David Todden, originally from Phoenix, Ariz., and a volunteer from Company A, 602nd ASB. "It's good stuff." Approximately 64 people from around the base showed up in a variety of costumes to run away from the zombies. From angels and human-sized bananas to Batman and werewolves, the costumed participants signed in and got their number to track their times. "Seeing all the costumes and all the creativity is great," said Roberts. The run was broken up into three parts so that participants of any skill level could enjoy the event. The first part of the run was a half-mile to the haunted house where there was the chance for a scare; but guaranteed a sweet reward. "I'm doing it for the candy," said 7-year-old Jacqueline Reyburn originally from Portland, Mich. "My favorite part is the candy." The event was also a great opportunity for families to run together. David Spellman from 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion, his wife, and son all ran through the haunted house and were chased by werewolves, killer priests, and ghosts before moving on to the next part of the event. "I'm out here to have fun with my family," said Spellman. "We love Halloween already but, this is an added bonus." From the haunted house the runners moved on to finish 2.5 km before entering the "Zombieland" area. The fenced-in-forested area gave the participants a chance to go dodging through zombies without losing their flags. "I've never seen a zombie run before so I'm looking forward to being chased (by zombies)" said Spc. Cory Huskey from Company C, 3rd General Support Aviation Battalion, 2nd Aviation Regiment, 2nd CAB. When asked if the zombies were going to be a challenge he said, "I'm going to sacrifice one of my battle buddies so I can win." As the entrails hung out, flesh falling off, and dragging limbs, the zombies chased the runners through Zombieland and back down the route until they all reached the original start point for the award ceremony. In the future, Company A, 602nd ASB hopes this will become an annual event here.