FORT CARSON, Colo. (June 13, 2013) -- With continued support to civilian authorities through a mutual aid agreement, Fort Carson has dispatched a structural fire engine to back fill Colorado Springs Fire Station 4 on Southgate for normal residential responses in that area.

Helicopters from Fort Carson's 4th Combat Aviation Brigade, or 4CAB, provided four aircraft, in support with the Colorado National Guard, which provided Bambi Bucket water drops on firefighting efforts to protect residents in the Black Forest. 4CAB dropped more than 142,000 gallons of water on the affected area.

Soldiers from the 52nd Engineer Battalion, 555 Engineer Brigade provided four D7 bulldozers to cut firebreaks along the northern flank of the fire.

"This has been a tremendous team effort working with our local and state authorities, along with our military installations in and around Colorado Springs," said Maj. Earl Brown, a Fort Carson spokesman. "Truly a herculean interagency effort from everyone involved on the ground and in the skies," he said.