YONGSAN, Republic of Korea -- Seven former KATUSA members assigned to the 10th MED DET during 1981 -- 1983 visited 618th Dental Company here at Yongsan to hold a unique "Returning to Carius After 30-Years" event on 4 June, 2013.

The event kicked off with sharing stories from the past, commander's remarks, senior KATUSA's remarks and a cake cutting ceremony.

After the photo session, 10th MED team visited Carius Dental Clinic, where many of the members worked 30 years ago and shared many memories from the past.

Mr. Sang-hyun Nam, who was a dental hygienist at the Carius Dental Clinic in Yongsan, remembers doing pushups for being late for a formation. "I still have a vivid memory of a formation in front of the barracks one morning, to which I was late, and obviously I attempted to make an excuse. Then the frightening Sgt. Finney, who was making every effort to have KATUSA members work harder, would not listen to my excuse and ordered me to give him 20, maybe more, pushups" said Nam.

Mr. Nam and his team expressed that their experience as KATUSAs helped them to become successful member in the civilian community and would like to establish programs to provide mentorship to current KATUSAs.

"We have many members who are prominent to in the Korean society, from a banker, a professor, and a government official, to a journalist. We have met regularly since we were discharged from military service and we cherished our days as KATUSAs with the 10th MED," said Nam.

Col. David Mott, Commander, 618th Dental Company thanked them for their service. "This is a very special event which strengthens our friendship and alliance between Republic of Korea and United States."

Mr. Nam and his organization look forward to furthering the ties with the 618th Dental Company. "We are happy to visit the clinic as we mark the 60th anniversary of Republic of Korea and United States Alliance."