NORTH FORT HOOD, Texas -- Providing all the food, fuel, ammunition, and other supplies across an entire theater of operations is the complex training task the Springfield, Ohio-based 371st Sustainment Brigade has prepared to do here.

The National Guard unit will soon take on the mission to conduct theater logistical support operations in support of Operation New Dawn and Operation Enduring Freedom in Kuwait.

The unit has been steadily training since its arrival at Fort Hood during late April. The centerpiece of their pre-deployment training is a week-long exercise designed to ensure they are at peak proficiency prior to deployment, according to Col. Gregory W. Robinette, 371st commander.

"Together with our National Guard and Reserve partners, the 2nd Battalion, 393rd Infantry has truly shaped logistical operations conducted in support of combat operations in Kuwait and Afghanistan," said Capt. Mike Noriega, battalion operations officer.

"Ongoing changes to the U.S. force posture in the region have resulted in a surge of sustainment units that conduct pre-deployment training at Fort Hood, and we are involved in training every one of them."

The 371st's Culminating Training Event, is grounded in real-world scenarios faced by sustainment units supporting overseas contingency operations. Scenarios require creative thinking and the application of the military decision making process to achieve success.

The 371st SB is no stranger to Fort Hood since, as part of their pre-deployment training, the unit participated in another exercise during January along with the 135th Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) from Birmingham, Ala.