FORT HOOD, Texas - With the number of motorcycles on Fort Hood on the rise, the number of motorcycle accidents and fatalities has also seen an increase from two to six over the last year alone, according to statistics from the III Corps Safety Office and the Texas Department of Public Safety.

In response to the trend and to promote motorcycle safety, key leaders from the 1st Cavalry Division's 2nd "Black Jack" Brigade Combat Team were briefed in their Fort Hood classroom on the resources available to their soldiers, and how they can curtail the number of accidents June 18.

Tommy Stone, a retired Army brigadier general, of the Army Traffic Safety Training Program, briefed the leadership on a review of both the Basic and Experienced Rider Courses and the exercises and skills test for each course.

Stone told the attending leadership, "Your job is to teach them to stay alive in combat; our job is to teach them to stay alive on the roads."

He and Regina Whaley, a riding coach, have taught more than 1,400 classes this year.

The ATSTP is a five-phase, driver-safety program which covers skills from accident avoidance to local hazards.

Phase 1 is given to soldiers during the Advanced Initial Training and Phase 2 can be done online at one's own pace by visiting The target group for Phase 3 is the 26-year-olds and under. The ATSTP is a defensive driving course. All Soldiers 26 and under are required to complete the course. Also, all personnel of any age driving military vehicles are required to have a record of completing the course.

ATSTP classes are given by appointment twice daily Monday thru Friday at Warehouse Road, Building 4470. The Thursday morning class requires no appointment. For more information call 287-4639.