DONGDUCHEON, South Korea -- Do you ever find yourself stuck in your room, wondering what's actually beyond the walls that are blocking you from civilization?

Because Staff Sgt. Patrick Fox, from Hartsville, S.C., has been stationed in Korea four times throughout his 23 years of service, he volunteered some advice to ensure Soldiers are enjoying their time while stationed here.

A resilient multi-tasker, Fox, an assistant chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear noncommissioned officer assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Battery, 210th Fires Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division, is the brgiade's Better Opportunities for Single Soldiers representative, a disc jockey and a taekwondo instructor.

The BOSS program hosts many events for Soldiers so they enjoy their time while stationed here.
"Lately, I had been a part of the Seoul shopping trip, Building 63," said Fox. "And we have a trip scheduled to go to Bangkok, Thailand, in the near future."

According to Fox, seeing Soldiers coming out and enjoying themselves is what he enjoys.
Even though it was a rainy day we still had a good time at Building 63, said Osborne.

"The trip to Seoul was exciting," said Spc. Sebrevia Osborne, from New Britain, Conn., an automated logistical specialist assigned to HHB. "There was an aquarium there with all sorts of fish, sea lions and spider crabs. There was also an art museum, a wax museum, a live dance musical event and a 3D movie about the Grand Canyon in Africa."

More people need to attend, said Osborne. It is a chance to get out and see Korea. But for those not comfortable with experiencing Korea, there are other events BOSS hosts on post.

"We hosted the New Year's Eve party, masquerade ball and recently hosted an Easter egg hunt," Fox continued.

Also spinning tunes as the DJ, Fox plays music for all tastes at these BOSS events -- old school rhythm and blues from the '80s and the '90s, country, salsa, pop and rock. He even plays K-Pop to get the Korean Augmentation to the U.S. Army soldiers on the dance floor.

"The music is old school but what make Fox different is that he's a crowd motivator, he keeps the crowd up a moving," said Sgt. Rojelio Taylor, from Brooklyn, N.Y., the BOSS president for 210th Fires Bde.

When Fox isn't engaged with BOSS activities, he participates in and teaches taekwondo, Fox became interested in taekwondo during his first tour to Korea back in 2003 when he visited the Kukkiwon Castle, the world's taekwondo headquarters, which is in Seoul. The castle is a big gym where all taekwondo members go to test for their black belts, said Fox.

According to Fox, the castle has monuments surrounding the main gym that exhibits the history of taekwondo from how it was developed and passed down from generation to generation to how it was selected as a demonstration event in the Seoul Olympics in 1988. If planning a trip to the castle, take the train and get off at Gangnam-gu station, gate 12.

Fox wants all Soldiers to get out and enjoy Korea while they are here.
"If you are going to be here, you might as well go out and see Korea," said Fox. "Enjoy yourself while you are here. It's not all about partying and drinking. There is a lot of culture here; there is a lot of history here."