VICENZA, Italy - The U.S. Army Health Clinic-Vicenza is bringing in a new option for tobacco cessation this year and it involves a process called QuitSmart.

The techniques endorsed by this program help patients ease off nicotine embracing a "warm chicken" methodology rather than the "cold turkey" method.

"We know cigarette smoking is a leading preventable cause of mortality in the United States and worldwide," said Dr. David Hodson, mental health advanced practice nurse. "It is surprising that so many individuals still continue to smoke despite the proof that tobacco negatively impacts all systems of our body, and the health of children who are around the smoker."

The fact is that nicotine and the act of smoking can be so addictive, it takes over the smoker's common sense that they need to quit.

Making the choice to quit takes several tries for some and it is hard. The QuitSmart process allows patients to use stop-smoking medications, nicotine replacement therapy, self-hypnosis and group support to help participants stay on track and finally make 2018 the year they quit smoking/using tobacco.

The program being offered has statistically proven more effective than other programs for tobacco cessation which have been used, so if you've tried in the past, this may be a great opportunity for another shot at being tobacco free.

"The most important aspect of the treatment is the individuals' commitment to achieving cessation," said Hodson.

The program is free and available to all TRICARE beneficiaries and DoD/DoDEA civilians. It is comprised of a one hour orientation class, one hour individual meeting with a provider, and then three one hour group sessions every other week.

For more information on how to sign up for QuitSmart today, call DSN 636-9508, comm. 0444-61-9508. (Story by Tamara Passut, USAHC-Vicenza)