CAMP DARBY, Italy -- Darby Military Community firefighters attended three days of training here Feb. 13-16 to learn how to operate and maintain the brand new firetruck assigned to Fire and Emergency Services, U.S. Army Garrison Italy.

According to Assistant Fire Chief Andrew Allen, the new fire truck is fully equipped for firefighting as well as special hazard and rescue tools.

Instructors came from the German company that manufactured the vehicle and trained Darby firefighters on daily operations as well as regular maintenance of the vehicle.

"Due to the peculiarity of this vehicle, all the equipment is in compartments and very tightly stored up," said Karl Hubert, instructor.

The truck is a welcome addition to the fire department; the other one they had was getting old and outdated.

"This new truck replaces the 15-year-old one which was turned in," said Allen. "This high tech piece of equipment is meant to protect the Darby Military Community for the next 15 years."

In the past, according to Allen, the fire station had two different vehicles -- one for firefighting and the other for rescue purposes, while this new truck is a combination of the two and is able to face all types of emergencies.